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How does scarffio® work ?

This image shows a gorgeous Auburn coated Hungarian Vizla dog, in glorious sunshine, sitting on a Jet Black scarffio®, which is protecting the classic Mercedes grey leather car seat he is sitting on.

Protect your seat from whatever your life sits on it.

scarffio® was designed for car-proud, busy and active people.

Designed to be in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, but not cover up the seat when not in use.

Designed for use after any activity that doesn't provide access to changing rooms, but that could stain your seats, or make them wet.

Designed to protect your vehicle seat from whatever your life sits on it. Guaranteed.

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Model: Kiera the Vizla :)

The bright way to keep your car seats looking new.

Finally! Car seat covers have evolved away from poor quality black sacks, that are difficult to fit, and cover your seat all the time.

As well as being seriously good at protecting your car seats, scarffio® has been designed to look great at the same time.

Available in 6 bright colourways, a scarffio® lets you and your passengers have a flash of fabulous every time you get into your car.

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