How did scarffio® begin?

The scarffio® story. 

Hi!  I’m Helen the Founder and CEO of Scarffio Ltd, and inventor of scarffio®. In my free time I love to sea swim, parkrun* and go to the gym. 

Those activities often mean I end up back at my car sweaty, muddy, or soaked by rain . I used plastic bags, towels or blankets to try and protect my car seat. None of them worked well, but there were no real alternatives.

In 2015, I got a new job as a Community NHS Physiotherapist, and a beautiful new car - a Fiat 500. I picked that car for lots of reasons but I especially loved its embroidered seats and fabulous interior. I wanted to keep it looking and smelling brand new for as long as possible.

That is when I realised I wanted something that was both reliable and good looking to protect my car seats, but that didn’t involve covering them up all the time.

I revisited traditional car seat covers - most were plain black, flimsy and difficult to fit. I wanted something vibrant, high quality and stylish. For the first time too, I had side impact airbags in my seats - and I realised that a cover would stop them from working.

I had looked everywhere, but nothing suitable existed, and I still needed a solution. So I invented my own. I ran up the first one on my sewing machine, took it to work for my first day, and never looked back. 

Over the years, I got some great feedback and lots of requests to buy one. Fast forward to 2022, and with my terrific husband onboard, I decided to turn my attention to it full time. My aim: to see how I could bring my invention to market, ethically and responsibly.

That first prototype has now fully evolved into scarffio® - the original and best, high performance on-demand car seat protector. Every element has been sourced or manufactured entirely in the UK, and then Manufactured into scarffio® in South Wales.

Certified waterproof, stain repellant, wipe clean and washable at 30°C, scarffio® has a sharp design , and currently comes in 5 vibrant colours. When not in use, scarffio® is designed to be stored around your headrest, tied like a snazzy scarf. In that permanent standby mode, it will always be there exactly when you need it, and your car seats will thank you forever. 


Our Scarffio Mission Statement : 
To be the Best and most Desired On-Demand Car Seat Protector
Sourced ethically, produced responsibly, best used after fun ! 


* Parkruns are brilliant. Weekly, free, 5km run/walks in parks and green spaces  all over the world. Amazing places to exercise, get some 'blue and green' immersion, meet others and volunteer.