How green is scarffio® ?

The design journey to create a product that was robust enough for others to buy, and still aligned with my values, took a whole year .

Every single component was carefully evaluated and selected for :

  • its own performance  
  • predicted performance after years of use 
  • ideally manufactured in Britain, where that industry exists
  • parent company country of location
  • parent company structure and social values
  • parent company commitment to minimising its environmental impact.

The one component I couldn't tick every box for was the base fabric. I discovered that the type of high performance waterproof fabric I wanted is not currently produced in Britain. I have been working with a fantastic British supplier, who imports my fabric from the Far East.

Your scarffio® is made with a Premium woven polyester fabric that has a three part system in place. The top coat is stain resistant and water repellant , the substrate is woven polyester, and the base  is a layer of polyurethane which makes the fabric waterproof.  When you hold it, it has the weight of a high quality fabric.

Irrespective of how excellent the fabric performance is,  polyurethane backed polyester cannot yet be recycled, and the carbon footprint of this fabric is higher than I would have liked, because it was imported. 

So, with Environmental Impact and Product sustainability always in mind, scarffio® has been :

    • carefully designed to be reused, and still remain reliable, for a long time. The premium grade stain repellant and waterproof fabric , which sets us apart from other seat covers has been specifically selected so your scarffio® will last, (and ideally not end up in landfill before polyester fabric can actually be recycled)
    • If needed, the fabric can be wiped clean, or washed , but at 30 °C  - a more environmentally friendly temperature. 
    • To minimise its overall carbon footprint, every scarffio® component has been carefully sourced from environmentally committed British Suppliers.
    • For the same reason, every possible scarffio® component has been carefully selected because it has been manufactured in Britain or the EU.
    • To reduce waste as much as possible , scarffio® packaging and instruction leaflets have been consciously designed to be minimal, fully recyclable, and where possible, made from recycled materials.
    • For the same reason, the manufacturing process of every scarffio® creates almost no excess or waste fabric.
    • The branded edging is woven in the UK using recycled yarns. 
    • Scarffio Ltd proudly supports Royal Mail for all of its postage requirements. The Royal Mail website confirms that the services they provide  have ' by far the lowest carbon footprint per parcel delivery in the UK'. Most of their parcels are delivered by posties on foot, and not by vans.

Also, I will keep searching for a more environmentally friendly base fabric - and let you know if I find one . Watch this space .