What is scarffio®?

Car seat covers have evolved.
The premium car seat protector stored as a headrest scarf has arrived.
  •  Premium  - scarffio® is made using a Premium grade, Certified stain repellant and waterproof fabric , which sets it apart from other car seat covers. This fabric will actually work , and for a long time. scarffio® will reliably protect your car seats from mud, sweat, rain water, salt water, wee, food, footprints, dirt , dog paws, poo, fizzy drinks, toddlers shoes, tomato sauce, curry sauce ... 
  • car seat protector - scarffio® isn't a traditional seat cover. It won't block your seat airbags or controls , because it doesn't enclose your seat at all. There is only one fixing point - which is around the headrest of your seat. No fiddly clips, strings, elastic bits or straps to faff about with. 
  • Stored as a headrest scarf -  When not in use,  scarffio® is designed to be stored around your headrest, like a scarf . In that permanent standby mode,  it is always  ready to be used exactly when you want to protect your seat. 


                      This image shows a smiling lady sitting in the drivers seat of a car, on a vibrant Wild Teal scarffio®. the lady is wearing a navy hooded jumper with a huge rainbow on it, and bright embroidered tracksuit trousers. Demonstrating how having a scarffio® is the bright way to protect your car seats.  

Available in 6 vibrant colour ways, scarffio® is 
the bright new way to keep your car seats looking new.