What does scarffio® mean?

This image shows a close up of the care label of a Wild Teal scarffio® which has contrasting purple branded edging. The care label has a Teal Dragon on it, and states Wash at 30°C, Do not Tumble Dry, Made in Wales.  

This clever accessory, when it is stored, looks like a scarf for your car seat. The brighter the colour you choose, the more individual the scarf for your car.

When choosing a name for my new car seat protector, I wanted to pay homage to its Welsh heritage.  I did a deep dive into the rich Welsh language, and discovered that one of the welsh words for scarf is  'scarff' . Lots of words I love in Wales end in 'io' , and the rest is history...


Born in Wales. Made in Wales. 

Sourced Exclusively in Britain