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Cycling . There are so many ways to experience life on two wheels !

Have you just been off Road Mountain biking ? BMX free styling ? Road racing ? track training ? speedway racing or riding around your local park ? There are so many different ways to experience life on Two wheels!

Unless you are commuting on your bike in an inner city , going cycling will often mean getting out in the fresh air, surrounded by nature, trees, sky and having a break away from traffic , urban hustle and bustle and your phone.  There are tremendous health benefits that can come with cycling.

As one example, here in South Wales, the stunning Afan Forest National Park offers free access to trails and walks , graded according to ability . Some of those tracks are widely held to be some of the best in the world.


There are some risks too, though  - so remember - when ever, and how ever you cycle... 

1. Protect your head ! - Always , always wear a helmet that is as expensive as you can afford. We only get one brain . 

2. Be seen ! Never go out cycling in the dark without ensuring car drivers and other road users can see you . 

3. Be familiar with and follow the Law ! Protect yourself , and the other road and walkway users around you. For more in formation , you can visit the Think! Cycle safety website.  cycle-safety.

This is an icon of a rider on a drop handled racing bicycle.

If you are interested in finding out more about cycling, and how to stay as safe as possible - these are some fantastic websites that can help:


As a final thought ... If you do go out for a ride - will you be driving home or getting a lift afterwards ? A scarffio ® will protect your car seat by preventing the mud, sweat ,and rain in your kit from being absorbed by your seat. 

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